Be obscure clearly.  ~E.B. White 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Why these frantic times? Hearts not given to the peace they belong to. Images, not given to clarity, left when the light is gone.I pressed my palms to my eyes. What should fill the dark places left in your absence?
What does this time mean to teach us? We have fallen so many times, me into the arms of a helper and you to your own. What can you learn from me? You have no ability to be pressed upon. When you fell upon my shoulders the curvature of my bones left you without marking.

Are you mine to carry? Should one cling to their babe for their own sake? What should be the order of things? Should the wisdom of a child be given such responsibility? What is strength to us?Feet that stand on rock, or mire left to be become fuel. What should be the placement of burdens?

We only long to be carried. To be allowed the comforts and instabilities of a young woman. A life that has not been afforded to me. What A place of heartache among the joyousness of a body. The things to come to know. The power in the putting down of things. The safety of the placement of my feet. We are not made to carry such things. He has not asked us to join in the bearing of each others fear but to join in the placement of those burdens upon Him. That He would be given the honor of being our redemption from much more then what we call our own.

Something has been lost between my heart and my month, taken from my mouth and made ugly. My teeth have been made some primitive weapon you used upon your back, and then asked to me dress your wounds.

I am thankful for you, My Grace. You have been used,this taught me the damage of a life lived for my own being, made me a woman who can see past her own trouble, and yet not disregard the weight of its meaning. What has been given to me is beauty, the refinement of tears, the goodness of hardened hands that do not cry out when put to work. The love of many in the absence of such few. They are not my father, and yet they do His work.